Supply Chain
Collection flow, information flow, logistics, capital flow as one
Funds Management

Service overview:

The essence of supply chain finance is to provide comprehensive financial services to a single enterprise in the supply chain or a number of upstream and downstream enterprises with the help of the credit strength of the core enterprise or the self-compensation degree of a single transaction and the value of goods circulation based on the grasp of the structure characteristics and transaction details of the supply chain.

Supply chain finance is not a single business or product, it has changed the past Banks and other financial institutions subject to a single enterprise credit mode, but around a '1' key enterprises, from raw materials procurement, made to the intermediate and final products, and finally by the sales network products to consumers in the supply chain, will suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers until the end user together as a whole, a full range of 'N' on the chain enterprise to provide financing services, through relevant enterprises function division of labor and cooperation, realize the continuous increment of the entire supply chain.

1) material-based financing mode: simba confirms the authenticity of orders by controlling logistics, so as to solve financial problems for customers' orders.

2) letter of credit financing mode: the customer obtains necessary financial support for order production through a true and effective international letter of credit.

3) credit insurance financing mode: the customer obtains the necessary financial support for order production through a real and effective Chinese export credit insurance policy.

Service advantage: supply chain finance for corporate Banks to bring win-win.

Service scope: enterprise basic information, file maintenance, credit maintenance, account maintenance, enterprise relationship maintenance, core enterprise information maintenance, capital enterprise information maintenance, financing enterprise information maintenance.


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