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HK to China Land Transport

Business overview:

we have dozens of two places license plate and domestic trucks, including: cabinet car, ton car, flat car, refrigerated car, dangerous goods car, quickly, timely, safe to complete the customer entrusted.

Advantageous routes: Hong Kong to qianhai free trade zone, futian free trade zone, nansha free trade zone, baiyun airport comprehensive free trade zone, pingshan export processing zone, zhengzhou free trade zone and hangzhou free trade zone.

Service scope: warehousing and handling;Sorting and packaging;Acting as agent for Hong Kong trade declaration;Import and export transit transportation.


Service  details:

Suitable for large quantities of goods import and export enterprises, into the factory, into the bonded area, e-commerce platform sellers, at present, we have more than 10 years of general trade import and export goods transport and bonded e-commerce mode in and out of the door goods transport experience.

Operation process:

Hong Kong play single - -container -- by China customs, the factory loading - -to the mainland customs declaration for customs clearance - -also ark -- tail paper -- Hong Kong customs declaration.


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