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Service overview:

We have our own DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT international express level agents, and the United States, Canada, southeast Asia, European and dedicated channels, and can get a 3-5 fold freight discount, sales professionals to provide you with a better delivery route, for your choice, relative to compare official Courier such as DHL, UPS, we can help you to save more than 60% of the freight.

Advantageous routes: USA and Canada, South America, southeast Asia, Europe, etc

Service scope: door-to-door delivery;Export declaration/insurance;Operation and bill making;Delivery service.

Service  details:

Simba has independent accounts of DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT and other channels, which are mainly applicable to domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, merchants, domestic buyers and overseas online shopping purchasing merchants' goods shipped from abroad to China or Hong Kong.

Compared with sea transportation, express delivery has a faster time. It only takes 4 working days for the consignee to pick up the goods in China or Hong Kong.

Compared with air transportation, express delivery has a cheaper price advantage. The lowest price for Europe to send to Hong Kong can be reduced to 12 yuan /KG, and the lowest price for America, Canada and Mexico to Hong Kong can be reduced to 21 yuan /KG.

· fast time: it takes 3 to 10 working days for global delivery to Hong Kong or domestic airport

· package tracking: online tracking of the whole process of receiving and mailing

· insurance service: additional insurance service can be provided

· multi-channel selection: provide different channels according to the time requirements and budget of customers

· value-added services: export declaration agent for clients' country of origin, trade declaration agent for Hong Kong, customs declaration agent for Hong Kong and China, e-commerce import logistics service, customs declaration agent for domestic airports, etc


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