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Ocean Shipping FCL

Service overview:

We have all over the world service agent network and sound branches, and MSK, MSC, cma-cgm, APL, OOCL, EMC, NYK, HMM and other world-renowned shipping companies cooperation experience and establish a good relationship is to provide you with the most efficient transport, the lowest freight strong guarantee!

Advantage routes:

West American line, East American line, South America line, Japan line, European ground line, southeast Asia line, etc

Service scope

Shipping import and export FCL business;Ocean freight inquiry;Inquiry of maritime customs clearance fees;Maritime import and export declaration/inspection declaration, warehousing/distribution business;Port to port, port to door, door to door, door to port transport;Other shipping related services.


Service  details:

Our shipping services cover nearly 1200 ports and cities around the world, more than 200 countries, 53 shipping companies, transparent, fair, within reach!

Provide diversified and personalized services for amazon sellers, act as an agent for amazon FBA customs clearance, label change, overseas warehousing and other one-stop services.

Shipping double customs clearance service creates a new era of DDU/DDP service, solves the problem of customs clearance and delivery for small and medium-sized enterprises, and makes international logistics easier!

Main receiving places in China: shenzhen, dongguan humen, guangzhou huangpu, zhongshan, zhuhai, shunde, foshan, jiangmen, huizhou, shantou, zhaoqing, yangjiang, heyuan, xiamen, fuzhou, chengdu, chongqing, changsha, wuhan, nanchang, nanning, guizhou, kunming, Hong Kong.

At present, the airline service can be provided: central and American, South America, the United States, Canada, red sea, Mediterranean, black sea, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Middle East, India and Pakistan, southeast Asia, northeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


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Ocean Shipping FCL
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