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Dubai as the hub of air transport

Service overview:

According to the customer's requirements, we can provide consulting services through interview, telephone, fax, E-mail, e-commerce and other ways, and give immediate feedback such as customs declaration documents, airlines, routes, flights, types (full journey), transportation terms and destination port information.As long as you let us know your air service needs, we will ensure the most appropriate service.

Advantage routes:Hong Kong line, European line, us-canada line, Middle East line, southeast Asia line, Japan and South America line, etc

Service scopeDoor-to-door delivery;Customs declaration/inspection/insurance;Booking;Operation and bill making;Door to door service.


Service  details:

Simba has with Fedex Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Canadian Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, UPS Airlines, Korean Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Japan Airlines, Asiana Airlines, the United States Airlines, Polar Airlines, sas, Austrian Airlines,  India Airlines, the Arab Crystal Airlines, Singapore Airlines, airlines have established long-term relations of cooperation, global freight forwarding network, such as:Hong Kong, Shanghai, zhengzhou, hangzhou, Beijing, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, incheon, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Netherlands, Oslo, Sydney, Melbourne...Wait for airport, extend our service all over the world.

• airport to airport service: including transportation, cabin entry, customs clearance and other services

• packaging services: provide you with enhanced cargo packaging services in line with airline conditions

• flexibility: in today's fast-changing business environment, simba offers flexibility to meet your needs

• complete IT system support: file information flow docking, and at the same time let you keep abreast of flight information and cargo dynamics

• cargo insurance service: insurance can be purchased for customers to ensure the safety of goods at the destination

• air, sea and air transportation: according to the regional conditions, the transportation mode of sea, land, air and iron is efficiently executed to complete the task, so as to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency

• handling of dangerous goods and special goods

Send staff to receive education and training on the transportation of dangerous goods and explosives every year to fully understand the latest standards

Simba provides professional advice and assistance in the handling of dangerous goods and special goods

Rich experience in large cargo and whole plant export, provide consultation and freight inquiry

• global door-to-door service:

Simba has a global network and third parties to provide continuous operation at all stages, so that your goods can reach the consignee safely

Door to door delivery services combine truck, customs declaration, air freight contracting industry, airlines and warehousing and distribution services to ensure safe and real-time delivery of goods to the destination

• quick quotation, competitive price: strict and perfect transportation process control can avoid extra cost for customers

• truck, distribution service, warehousing, customs declaration, inspection, cabinet insurance operations

• according to the nature of goods, geographical location, traffic conditions and other factors, build customized warehouse for customers

• cooperate with customers to build storage facilities suitable for their needs, such as bonded warehouse or temperature controlled warehouse

• maximize the effectiveness of the logistics centre through institutionalized management and customised operations.


Dubai as the hub of air transport
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