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Import Food Declaration





01: enterprise record & label record

Before the arrival of goods at the port to do a good receiver and consignor record, label record

Time: 4-7 days

02: shipment by overseas suppliers

Sign the agreement with the foreign supplier, prepay the deposit, arrange the delivery abroad

Time: shipping time varies in different regions (30-40 days for shipping in Europe, Africa, North America and South America, 8-15 days for shipping in southeast Asia)

03: customs declaration and inspection

Upon arrival of the goods at the port of destination, prepare the documents for customs declaration and inspection

Time: 1-2 working days

04: nuclear tax

After customs declaration, the customs issued a tax bill, tax payment, customs inspection, customs release

Time: 3-5 working days

05: supervision warehouse labeling & sampling inspection

After the customs release to the supervision warehouse, labeled with Chinese, inspection goods, commodity inspection sampling inspection

Time: 15-20 working days

06: inspection release and delivery

After the sampling of commodity inspection is completed, the notice of inspection release can be sent to you

Time: delivery time 1-2 days

07: get a health certificate

After passing the inspection, a health certificate is issued, which means the inspection and quarantine certificate of entry goods

Time: about 25 working days after sampling, special cases can be expedited

I. customs declaration process of imported food

1. The importer must have the import and export record of the customs and quarantine, and cannot import food without import and export right;If the importer has no right to import or export, he can pay for the import

2. Importers need to apply to the state administration for industry and commerce (food circulation license)

3. All pre-packaged food shall first be labeled in the consulting report, which shall be approved by cnca for qualified import

4. If the product is allowed to be shipped, the label shall be put on record

5. Seek the agent of the customs declaration company to carry out customs declaration, such as commodity inspection sampling, etc

6. The product can be sold with a Chinese label after obtaining the certificate of quality issued by China inspection and quarantine bureau

II. Procedures for record filing of the consignee

1. The importer shall fill in the application form for the record of food consignee.

2. Copy of business license for industry and commerce, record registration form for foreign trade managers, declaration registration certificate for import and export goods, record registration form for self-inspection, and other originals shall be verified

3. Enterprise quality and safety management system, import food circulation license, daily work management system table, description of business scope and storage place, etc

4. Provide the relevant description of the food import, processing and sales within two years

5. Prepare the types and storage places of imported food, and actually record the flow of imported food. The preservation period of the record shall not be less than 2 years

6. The consignee must have the relevant scope of food business

7. Consignee shall have food circulation license

III.the food raw material import provides the information

(I) materials provided by foreign suppliers

1: Packing list /Packing list

2: proforma Invoice /Invoice

3: Contract

4: Bill Of Lading /Bill Of Lading

5: Healthy Certicate

6: component Analysis Report /Analysis Report (Chinese translation provided in China)

7: Certificate Of Origin (Chinese translation provided in China)

8: original label sample /Table (Chinese translation provided in China)

9: wood pallet certificate /Pallets IPPC (wood pallet to be provided)

10: wood Packing certificate /Packing IPPC (wood Packing needs to be provided)

11: Free Sale For Exportation

12: proof of filling Date /Boltting Date (wine, beverage and other filling foods are provided)

(ii) materials provided by domestic suppliers

1: the business license covers pre-packaged food

2: food business license

3: liquor business license (wine and other alcoholic drinks shall be provided)

4: automatic import license (for some products, such as olive oil, dairy products, etc.)


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