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Import Cosmetics Declaration


Procedures for cosmetics import

1. To obtain the approval of cosmetics import license, this approval shall be handled by the Beijing food and drug administration

2. Obtain the Chinese label for record at the entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau of the import port

3. Prepare materials for customs declaration, obtain the customs clearance form, and then declare the customs

4. Collect CIQ from CIQ bureau after customs declaration and tax payment before putting on shelves

The information required for cosmetics license filing is as follows

I. materials to be provided before sample testing:

1. Product formula (stamped with the official seal of the manufacturer, if there are mixed raw materials, the content of each component in the mixed raw materials shall be marked separately)

2. Instruction manual (English or Chinese can use it, and the official seal of the production enterprise can be affixed)

3. For minor languages, please provide outer package translation (if you entrust us to translate, the translation fee will be reimburse).

4. Product name information, manufacturer information and responsible units in China (our company will provide the form for signature after the contract is signed)

5. Product samples (unsealed for sale in foreign markets, same batch number or same production date;The sample content is larger than 30g, the number of ordinary class is 16, and the number of special class is 25 ~ 30 (according to the function).

6. Notarized letter of authorization (signed by the responsible unit in China and the manufacturer, and signed by the agent abroad for authenticity notarization)

7. Notarized letter of authorization for acceptance (signed by the responsible entity in China and the manufacturing enterprise, signed by the domestic practitioner and notarized the authenticity of the official seal)

8. Copy of the business license of the responsible company in China with official seal (if your company plans to prepare the formula and samples, please inform us as soon as possible.Avoid the waste of time, money and energy due to the unqualified preparation of regulations.

II. Contents to be provided before submission to the state food and drug administration:

1. Original certificate of free sale issued in the producing country or country of origin

2. Safety control requirements for product quality of production enterprises

3. Assessment materials of product safety risk substances

4. Production process and schematic diagram (referring to special products)

5. Functional ingredients and their use are based on scientific literature (referring to hair care, fitness and beauty products)

6. Entrustment processing agreement between enterprises, certificate of good production standards of entrustment enterprises (only referring to the entrustment processing needs to be provided), declaration period is 4-5 months (general type), 6-7 months (special type, except for beauty milk and hair care), beauty milk 8 months and hair care 8 to 9 months

III.PACKING LIST, INVOICE and trade contract required for cosmetics import declaration

1. Certificate of origin

2. Certificate of free sale

3. Copy of business license

4. Original record certificate (two or three copies are provided)

5. Chinese label (attach the Chinese label to the carton and provide one copy for each)

6. Product ingredient list (stamped with manufacturer's seal and copy, please refer to sample)

7. Health certificate

8. Product pictures

9. Samples


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