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Import Wine Declaration


I. the market demand of wine

Wine as a kind of imported goods, with high grade elegant style came to China, has gradually penetrated into the People's Daily life.According to customs statistics, the total amount of imported wine in China in the first half of 2016 reached us $1.971.3 billion, with a growth rate of 26.53% compared with 2015, while the amount of imported bottled wine increased by 27.11% compared with 2015.China has overtaken the UK as the world's second largest consumer of wine.

II.the red wine product import requirements

The consignee and his agent of import goods shall fill in the import declaration form in strict accordance with the requirements of the declaration catalogue of customs import and export commodities, and declare the name and brand of the wine according to the wine label of the actual imported wine (such as dry red wine, CHATEAU MOUTON MOUTON).The volume, year and region of the declared wine (e.g. 750ML bottle, 2004, bordeaux), if the wine has been marked with grade (e.g. AOC, VDQS, VIN DE PAYS, etc.), should also be declared truthfully.

III. Wine import inspection report (complete the inspection report before import declaration)

1. The contract

2. The invoice

3. Packing list

4. Certificate of origin (provided abroad)

5. Health certificate (provided abroad)

6. Filling date certificate (may be supplemented later)

7. Component analysis report (both domestic and overseas can be provided, but we suggest that it is provided abroad to save money)

8. Original color label

After the approval of the inspection and quarantine window, the import customs clearance will be issued for customs declaration.

IIII.Record of label, consignee and consignor

Before the declaration needs to the local import and export inspection and quarantine bureau for three records, respectively label record, consignee record and consignor record.

(1) label filing

The materials to be submitted include the original and copy of the business license of the import company (with official seal), 1 original label, 1 translation label, 2 Chinese labels, application form for labels, application form for labels and other materials required by the inspection and quarantine bureau according to the actual situation.It is important to note that the label needs to be color printed and stamped.

(2) record of consignee

The materials to be submitted include the original and one copy of the business license of the import company (affixed with official seal), the record registration form of the import consignee, the description of business scope and storage place, the food safety management system of the enterprise and other materials required by the inspection and quarantine bureau according to the actual situation.

(3) record of consignor

The materials to be submitted include the business license of the foreign exporter, the record information form of the overseas exporter or agent of imported food, the description of the use of food additives and other materials required by the inspection and quarantine bureau according to the actual situation.

V.Application for entry clearance form

No matter through the land port or the sea port, the goods must have an entry form to be declared at the customs.The documents to be submitted to the inspection and quarantine bureau when applying for customs clearance documents include copies of wine labels, certificates of origin, invoices, packing lists, copies of purchase and sales contracts and inspection lists.Note that the validity of the customs form is 90 days, so the application for the customs form can be applied several days before the goods arrive at the port, so as not to expire after the application in advance.

VI.customs declaration

Customs declaration is generally carried out by entrustment of the customs broker. The information of declaration elements to be provided to the customs broker includes: name of goods (Chinese and foreign languages), brand (Chinese and foreign languages), name of winery (winery), name of country of origin and region, packaging specifications, processing method, grade, year, alcohol, etc.The declaration materials that need to be submitted during customs declaration include commercial invoice, packing list, contract, entry clearance form (good legal inspection, inspection and quarantine bureau), declaration authorization, color label and other materials required by the customs according to the actual situation.

After preparing all the declaration materials, the customs declaration bank will make declaration in the e-port system. After issuing the declaration, the customs declaration bank will submit the declaration to the customs and print out the tax receipt. After receiving the tax receipt, the enterprise can pay tax at the bank and release the goods after paying the tax.Calculated from the time of customs declaration release, valid for 5 days.If you want to make an extension, you need to inform the customs declaration before it expires. Each extension can be 5 days. The goods must pass the customs within the validity period of the customs declaration.

The calculation of tax is based on the CIF price of the goods. If the goods are declared FOB price, the freight, insurance and miscellaneous fees should be added in the customs declaration.General import wine (bottled) need to pay taxes including customs 14 percent (MFN treatment), value-added tax 17 percent, consumption tax 10 percent.If the country of origin of the wine belongs to the country enjoying the agreed tax rate, the company also needs to provide some other information to the customs when the declaration, among which the certificate of origin and the original invoice are indispensable.

In the process of declaration, the customs will strictly examine and verify the price of wine provided by the enterprise before issuing the order, so the enterprise must declare truthfully.The price of one thousand is not recognized by the enterprise declare customs, in conjunction with the enterprise for price negotiations, the enterprise needs to provide the price of the consultation material including CD (label by email), native to the original invoice, original of the original bills of wine, the prototype, domestic sales proof materials, certificate of foreign exchange settlement, trade process instructions and other information required by the customs according to the actual situation.The consultation will take a long time, possibly up to a month, so companies need to arrange the delivery of goods according to the actual situation, so as not to incur additional storage costs.

VII. On-site inspection

After goods arrive port, arrive at inspection and quarantine bureau to undertake checking goods first and sampling inspection, inspect real goods label, to supervise inspect good goods to add stick 'entrance food sanitation supervises inspection mark', sign and issue sanitation certificate (original, duplicate), supervise inspect unqualified prohibit to import.After inspection and quarantine bureau is finished, goods can go through China customs entry, customs may also carry out the second inspection of goods, there is no problem after inspection can be delivered to the consignee's address.The issue of sanitation certificate is in the 15 working days after check commonly, the enterprise did not obtain sanitation certificate before, the product that place imports does not allow to appear on the market sale.

VIII. VAT deduction

After the goods are imported smoothly, the enterprise can handle the VAT deduction business by relying on the special payment letter for import VAT provided by the customs.


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