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Service overview:

In recent years, with the improvement of Internet infrastructure and the construction of global logistics network, cross-border e-commerce has maintained a high growth trend and the transaction scale has been expanding day by day. At present, cross-border e-commerce has stood in the tuyole of the capital market.With the deterioration of international terms of trade and the continued weak demand from Europe and Japan, the growth rate of China's export trade has slowed down in a step-down manner. A large number of traditional enterprises have turned their eyes to the new opportunities in e-commerce and devoted themselves to cross-border e-commerce.

We have a professional product packaging design team, marketing planning team, and a number of domestic e-commerce platform cooperation, specializing in providing comprehensive e-commerce services for e-commerce merchants.

Service advantage: all-round customized and lean service.

Service scope:Brand building;Product research;Product image photography;Packaging design and production;Web design;Terminal design.


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