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Service overview:

With the advent of the era of 'Internet plus', cross-border e-commerce has stood in the wind of the capital market. The new type of trade represented by cross-border e-commerce is gradually accelerating in recent years, and has become a new growth engine for China's trade and even the whole global economy.

Simba has a bonded warehouse of 5000 square meters, which can provide warehousing, sorting and packaging of packages for e-commerce, input into the system, and paste orders. According to the product category, retail price and sales order volume, simba can choose different bonded areas to declare customs clearance.

Advantage routesFutian free trade zone export  Substitute service.         

Service scope: overseas warehousing, sorting and packaging;Overseas delivery;Hong Kong warehousing, sorting and packaging;Land transit;Declaration and customs clearance agent;Domestic delivery.

Service  details:

Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone that has been opened:

First batch 1: on March 7, 2015, the State Council approved the establishment of China (hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone.

The second batch of 12: on January 6, 2016, the executive meeting of the State Council decided to set up the second batch of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones in tianjin, Shanghai, chongqing, hefei, zhengzhou, guangzhou, chengdu, dalian, ningbo, Qingdao, shenzhen and suzhou.

A third group of 22: on July 24, 2018, the state council agreed to in shenyang, changchun, Harbin, Beijing, Hohhot, nanjing, nanchang, wuhan, changsha, nanning, haikou, kunming, guiyang, xi 'an, lanzhou city, xiamen city, tangshan city, wuxi city, weihai city, zhuhai, dongguan, yiwu and other 22 cities set up cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental area.

(a) the whole process of customs paperless.

Scope of application: import and export.

The cross-border e-commerce customs clearance management and customs clearance service platform has been set up, covering paperless customs clearance in all aspects including enterprise filing, declaration, document review, taxation, inspection, release and customs transfer.Customs declaration enterprises declare the electronic list to the customs through the platform, while e-commerce enterprises, logistics enterprises and payment enterprises transmit the electronic information of transaction, logistics and payment to the customs through the platform, and the list information and 'three orders' information realize the confrontation.Tax payment shall be in the form of online payment and electronic payment.After examination, inspection and release, the customs will send the electronic receipt of the inspection instruction back to the customs declaration company.

(ii) define the 'three orders' data transmission subject and unify the transmission standards.

Scope of application: import and export. 

1. 'three orders' data transmission subject.

Transaction information is provided by e-commerce enterprises or e-commerce platform enterprises;Logistics information provided by logistics enterprises;Payment information is transmitted by the payment enterprise.Postal enterprises and inward and outward express operators may transmit transaction and payment information on their behalf on the premise that they are legally liable for the authenticity of the transmitted information. 

2. Data format standard of 'three orders'.

Transaction information includes order number, commodity name, quantity, retail price, freight, insurance, buyer's name, buyer's id number, buyer's phone number or mobile phone number, etc.Payment information includes payment type, payment order number, name of the payer, id number of the payer, phone number or mobile phone number of the payer, payment amount and other information;The logistics information includes the tracking number, the order number of the goods to be shipped, the country or region of arrival (the import is the country or region of departure), the name of the consignee, the consignee's id number, the consignee's phone number or mobile phone number.

(iii) the B2C sales model shall be cleared in accordance with 'B2B'.

Scope of application: import and export.

Relevant policies focus on creating cross-border e-commerce 'B2B' transaction clearance mode.Under the mode of retail import, the e-commerce enterprise or its agent shall take the declaration form of list, and go through customs formalities such as declaration and tax payment on behalf of others and assume legal responsibilities.In the mode of retail export, e-commerce enterprises or their agents adopt the declaration method of list, go through customs formalities according to the goods, and bear legal responsibilities.

(4) to implement 'simplified declaration, verification and release of lists, and summary of statistics'.

Scope of application: export. 

1.Simplify the declaration.

For cross-border B2C export commodities that do not involve export tax collection, export tax refund or license management, and whose single invoice value is less than RMB 5,000 yuan, e-commerce enterprises can apply according to the 4-digit tax number of import and export tariff. 

2.Check the list.

Electric business enterprise or its agent to submit to the customs law of the People's Republic of China customs cross-border e-commerce retail list of import and export goods declaration '(hereinafter referred to as the' declaration '), the export goods customs clearance formalities, after approved by national tax department and the administration of foreign exchange, no longer collect declares the export goods declaration form the customs of the People's Republic of China.

(5) to implement 'tax guarantee, centralized tax payment and withholding and payment'

Scope of application: import.

The e-commerce enterprise or its agent shall submit the bank tax guarantee or deposit to the customs in advance, and the customs shall collect and pay the commodity tax in the retail import mode on a regular basis, and the tax shall be withheld and paid by the e-commerce enterprise or its agent.


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