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Service overview:

With the advent of the era of 'Internet plus', cross-border e-commerce has stood in the wind of the capital market. The new type of trade represented by cross-border e-commerce is gradually accelerating in recent years, and has become a new growth engine for China's trade and even the whole global economy.

Simba has a 3,000-square-meter Hong Kong warehouse, which can provide warehousing, e-commerce package sorting and packaging, input into the system, paste surface orders, choose Hong Kong ETK, BC direct mail, personal mail and other customs clearance channels according to product tax rate, formal customs declaration, one order to the end, the whole process tracking.

Advantageous channels: 

direct mail of Hong Kong BC

Service scope: 

overseas warehousing, sorting and packaging;Overseas delivery;Hong Kong warehousing, sorting and packaging;Land transit;Declaration and customs clearance agent;Domestic delivery.

Service  details:

BC direct mail is mainly for cross-border e-commerce, which requires the customs and commodity inspection of cross-border e-commerce to record the platform and domestic companies, and the order information, logistics information and payment information of the e-commerce platform (referred to as 'three orders against collision') to be sent to the customs for pre-examination.BC customs clearance goods can be milk powder or other groceries, BC customs clearance goods range, only in accordance with the provisions of the customs can be cleared.

We can help cross-border e-commerce and overseas express delivery enterprises to realize system connection and direct data connection with customs declaration platform, national inspection platform and declaration platform. It has such comprehensive service functions as customs declaration, inspection declaration, order processing, waybill processing and push payment information. It can provide overseas warehousing, sorting and packaging.Overseas delivery;International transport to port;Hong Kong warehousing, sorting and packaging;Land transit;Declaration and customs clearance agent;Domestic delivery and other cross-border e-commerce products direct youtongguan professional comprehensive services.

The goods that can operate are: food, health care, daily necessities, baby and baby articles, clothing, cosmetics, electronic and digital products, small home appliances, jewelry.

The customer or the platform merchant only needs to provide the product information and the consignee's information to deliver the goods with one key and reach the recipient smoothly.


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